Integrated Campaign


Design Indaba is one of South Africa’s largest annual creative industry events and is attended by close to 4000 creative professionals.


The festival spans over 3 days and features international speakers, film and design showcases, music, as well as local wares and talent.


We created an identity that, like this year’s festival campaign, explored the elusive, ever-changing nature of ‘creativity’ and the creative process: how every person sees and experiences it differently; how creative ideas are born from a faint spark, then grow and develop into something brilliant and wonderful.


Inspired by this, we used light as a visual metaphor for the creative process and used vibrant colourful images and flexible typographic to convey a sense of motion and dynamism – even in static 2D elements.

Campaign Overview:

Daily Holograms

To give delegates the chance to experience the wonder of creativity, we created an interactive flyer that transforms delegates’ smartphones into hologram viewers. Each flyer contained a viewing prism that delegates could use, with their smartphones, to experience a bespoke holographic animation.

The holographic story unfolded over three days and uses light as a central character to bring the creative process to life - how an idea is born from a spark, evolves with colour and movement, and develops into something vibrant and extraordinary.